I’m back!!!!

Hi everyone!!

I’m not sure everyone knows this, but I broke my finger the moment I set foot in the airport arriving from my trip to the USA! I’m a very clumsy person and I actually broke it by hugging someone…IKR?!!!

And since I am so clumsy I kept hurting it while it was in a splint, so I spent a month or so with it broken and I took the splint a week and a half ago…The finger is actually mended, but I’m left with a lot of residual pain and I couldn’t move it for the life of it! I’ve been doing physical therapy and now I can almost bend it all! I’m still in pain (according to the doctor it only happens to a few people and with my luck it had to be me LMAO)…

But now I at least am clear to type again!! I was missing it! I’ve been using my Iphone or Ipad, but I can’t type my posts in it (I’m terrible with tech ;/)!

So, I want to apologize to my readers and all the authors and blogs I neglected during this time!

It’s good to be back!!!




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