The girl who writes

Another week starts and the end of the year is approaching…I’m getting excited everyday, because I absolutely LOVE Christmas time and Christmas is my favorite day of the whole year!

Soon I’ll be doing my read books balance and I’ll make a list of my favorite books of 2013 for you guys (not all of them were released this year, but this will be a list about my readings of 2013)…

I believe I haven’t shared this with you last week I’ve completed my reading challenge of 350 books in 2013 and by now I’ve read 10 more! Reading is truly my passion but next year I plan to reconcile myself with my other true passion for most of my life, that is writing…I’ve been reading since I was 4 and there’s nothing like living in a book’s universe or creating your own.

This year I’ve made tons of new friends because of books, some of them are authors and some are book enthusiasts like me and I love everyone of them for showing me a world of infinite possibilities and encouraging me to write about my readings!

I’m also getting excited because next month I’ll be traveling to the USA, something I’ve been dreaming since I started learning English, 14 years ago! I’ll visit one city, but I plan to do a coast to coast roadtrip one day too! I’ve been dying to know New York and New Orleans (I love how mysterious it sounds) and the whole South and so many other places…I just wished there were any author/book events in the time I’ll be there. But other opportunities will come I’m sure.

Sorry to rant and rant, but I’m in a chatty mood and what better way than to write about it? It’s practice for when I really get back to writing. In high school I was known for getting prizes by the library for being the person who would get more books in the whole school and for another thing…I was “the girl who writes”. Everyone would ask for my opinion on their composition assignments and rave about how they couldn’t write a single sentence and how difficult it was for them and how easy it seemed to be for me…

Well along the way from graduating high school (which was not an easy year for me, I was under too much pressure and even though writing helped me, it wasn’t enough) and starting to live in the real world and working to pay for my college and experiencing life in a whole different way, I lost the girl who writes.

And you know what? I miss her! I miss how easily a character would come up in my mind, how a plot would come out of nowhere, how the characters would just use my mouth to speak their minds, how fun it was…I also miss my articles, my thoughts about life, about difficult times, about struggling to find myself (which I haven’t yet, by the way). And not to sound conceited or full of myself, I was good at it! It would be the ONE thing I was sure I was good, I was better than the average.

Sometimes, I get my manuscripts (I’ve always loved to write on paper, it has such an old school quality to it and it feels so real) and I surprise myself at what I’ve written. I don’t remember what I was thinking when I wrote most of it, and it bothers me. I don’t know how I lost the writer in me, but I’m damn sure I will get her back! I’m not sure I will ever be good enough again, but what those amazing new authors we love to talk about and pimp thought me, is having the courage to try! So please, don’t ever give up, no matter the critics, the rants, the ill mannered people! If YOU feel you can do better, you have every right to do so, just don’t change your ideas or stop writing because of the others! We would miss incredible talents if this happened!

So once again, thank you so much for helping me! I would never dream to be as good as my favorite authors, but I can only hope I get to finish a whole story and get my ideas out there for you to see! And blogging has made me more aware of so many things I wasn’t while reading, that now I’m not only scared (a good scared), but also more mature about what it is to write!

This was supposed to be the start of a completely different post and it turned out being me exposing myself a little and practicing! I love you all!!!




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