When “sorry” doesn’t cover it, it’s never too late to re-start…

Hi beautiful book lovers!

Yes, I am back!!! I’m not getting in detail, but I had a couple of rough weeks and too much personal stuff going on…You andthe wonderful authors have nothing to do with it but I hate to disappoint anyone!!

So I’d like to apologize for not being able to fulfill my schedule and for missing posts and stuff! I will be back into reviewing more, I was just too overwhelmed this last days! I was even losing my hope in writing and I didn’t want to read (I’ve read a few books outsidemof blog but only a few – btw I got obssessed with atiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners Series OMG – for me it was a very low number)…

I’m back though, thank God! Losing my reading habita is not something I want ever to happen!

So I’m herenow to apologize! I am so sorry if I have disappointed you and I will make it up to the missing time, I’m always trying to do better so if you have any recommendations or suggestions please give me your feedback! 🙂

If you contacted me and I have not answered back I will! I am catching up and I’m sorry I missed so much! I will do a big post about the new releases and cover reveals I missed!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and wanting to know my thoughts on books I really appreciate it! Books are my favorite thing ever and talking about them gets me happy and excited and talking to authors and fellow readers too!!

I just want to say thank you and that I believe in my passion and in honest opinions and reviews and that I will always, always be the most real, after all I’m here to give you my opinions and I believe they should be honest (but never rude)!

Also I’d like to apologize with all my heart to my fellow bloggers who devote so much of their times to make so many wonderful things happen!! You are my role-model and I hope one day to be as awesome as you all are!! Thank you for organizing the tours, cover reveals and bringing so many great opportunities to us!! Our Indie World rocks!!!

another big thank you to my wonderful amazing friends for always supporting me and understanding my level of craziness!! I love you all (vanilla and dark sisters <3)

I know Sex and the Books and I are far from prefect but I can assure you I’m always aiming to be better (as our great Christian would say, we aim to please)!!!

Thank you all so much! Blogging’s been a wonderful journey and I’d like to continue for much much longer!!! Tomorrow we are back with full force!!!




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