A little note to my readers…or whoever wants to read it ;)

Hi everyone!!

First, I feel the need to apologize for being a bad blogger lately…It’s been a rushed couple weeks, my Internet provider still sucks (but we are changing it!! Yaaay) and I’m having blogger’s block…I promise I will be back much better and with a new energy!

Blogging is not all I thought it was! Regardless, I love to do it! I love to talk about the books I read and review them…But lately I’ve been seen stuff that I don’t agree with…some over pimping, blogging for business, everything I am against with and it disappointed me, after all I am a blogger too.

I created Sex and the Books, 4 months ago and when I saw I was reaching out to people, no matter how many people, I was so freaking happy!! I love being involved with cover reveals, blog tours, and reviewing books. I love to get out of my comfort zone and read things that I wouldn’t normally do and still love them!

I love books.

And I love who writes them, and I love helping spreading the word out about them! I feel so excited when I go to the bookstores here in Brazil and see a book by an author I actually talked to! And a book I got to review and know before it got translated and got there! I feel so excited for the authors that get here! It’s like I’m their friend and I feel so, so proud of them!

That is why I blog. I don’t care for competitions, I don’t care for what blog hit most views, I care for my books and being nice.
I am who I am and I don’t apologize for not liking certain things, just as I don’t apologize for liking other things…

We are so lucky that modern technology allowed the Indie World to exist. We are so lucky to being able to talk and interact with the authors of the books we love! All the drama behind blogging is what I didn’t know existed…but it won’t prevent me to keep loving and feeling lucky to have the books our authors work so hard for it…

Haters, Amazon, Kobo, no one will tell me what I can or can’t post, like, read or talk about. I will speak up for the books and authors I love, I will not bash the ones I don’t like, if I don’t like it, I’m honest (and I try to be nice too) about it.

That being said, I just want to apologize for not being the blogger I am capable of lately…It’s not anyone’s fault, but I don’t like to disappoint people and right now I am disappointed at myself…

I am no whining about people not liking me or my blog, I really don’t mind other people’s opinion. I love when people like my posts and my blog, but I am aware not everything pleases everyone and I won’t be dwelling on it! I will improve and try to reach out to more and more people and books!

I won’t allow all the drama get in the way of me loving my blog, my books, my authors and my friends! And of course, of loving you!

That being said, let’s move on with Sex and the Books!!! Thank you all for the bottom of my heart for reading my blog! Yeah…I really am a lucky girl!



sex and the books

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