Just a little note to reflect about…

Hi everyone,

If you don’t want to hear (or read) me vent, just scroll down and move on, but I feel like I need to expose this to the lovely people who come across Sex and the Books…

I might be bitching, but I’m not trying to raise hell or a controversy or to have a catfight with anyone LOL

I first created this blog to expose my ideas and opinions about the books I read and love. I try to be as polite as I can, and if I’m ever disrespectful, please forgive me, it wasn’t, isn’t and never will be my intention.

I believe in freedom of speech and that everyone has a right to speak their minds and also that everyone is entitled to their opinions. What I don’t like to see is people being mean without reason. Why create a book blog if you’re just gonna be mean and hate a book or author. Why spread the hate if you can easily be talking about something you like or actually read instead?

This weekend I started to reflect a lot about this…why would a blogger post hateful comments about something she haven’t even read? Other people’s opinions are great, just don’t base your entire opinion about an author on something others didn’t like.

Another thing…why pick sides and start to raise hell on Earth and fight in your comments? You probably won’t change the other person’s mind, so why just fight about it? You have the right to talk about it, but others have the right to disagree…this post isn’t in ANY WAY  directed to any bloggers, or people who don’t agree with me or anything like that! I believe even the haters have the right to their opinions and to hate,  it just made me reflect about it…When we love some authors and their books we want to defend it, just don’t fight about it! Pimp it out to others and spread your good words instead of fighting with others. It’s a waste of time, you could been reading an awesome book instead! 😉

I can’t judge or advise anyone, it’s not what I’m trying to see, and I know the world isn’t made of rainbows and butterflies (quoting Maroon 5 LOL), but let’s stop to start wars and feuds on FB or Twitter or anywhere…it will lead to nothing. I’m a very short-fused girl and I can see why fighting for something that won’t change your life or perspectives will lead to nothing but headache and more fighting…Let’s get back to the love of books, at least the love of the books you love!!

Everyone knows I am the queen of dark readings and mind f*cks. I don’t try and won’t try it, nor I have the desire to explain it, I just don’t  see the point to try to explain to others why I like them. I like them and that’s it. I am never disrespectful about it. But there are tons of people who wouldn’t agree with my choices of reading. For example, I don’t get the rush I get from a dark book from a sappy one, but I’ve been known to just love and pimp an all hearts and flowers book! I just hate talking about something I don’t know or don’t understand! I will never judge a book by its cover or others opinion on it! Judge after you try it, and actually give it a try. If you see you can’t, that’s great, at least you know what you’re talking about!!!

I am a very strong minded person, very opinionated and decided person when I’m talking about my likes and choices, but it doesn’t make me impolite and disrespectful. Even when I say bad things and say I hate some book, I’m never disrespectful to the writers, they put a lot of work in their books and we should at least appreciate that. I’ve been known to hate books that everyone rave and love, and I openly say it, and I expect to be on my right to do so, because it’s MY opinion. But I never, and hope that I WILL NEVER, do this without at least trying out a book! I’ve also been known for hating a certain book by a certain author and absolutely LOVE another one and I can admit that my opinion on the writer was wrong, even though I didn’t like the book.

You can hate the book, just don’t hate the author or spread your hate to others. Just let people have their own minds set about it!

I just think it’s a matter of politeness! Being a blogger don’t make me a better judge, or even a judge at all,  and if I don’t like something, I wasn’t obligated to read it. No one is pointing a gun to your head saying “Read it”. So don’t go spreading venom about it!  Sometimes it’s tricky to find the balance between being polite when you hate something with your guts,  but just say the reasons you don’t like it without bashing the author or her/his hard work…being a blogger is teaching me a lot, specially about being tactful…You don’t have to agree with me, just don’t spread the hate! You also don’t have to like the book, even if it was given to you, you’re have no obligation to post good things about it, just change what you’re posting.

Everyone has a right to don’t like a book and be honest about it, just don’t be disrespectful, one thing is to not like something and be rational about, other is just say random stuff about something you didn’t even read! I got pissed and sad on Sunday when I saw this happen…Not all books are for everyone, at least recognize the talent of the author, and if you don’t think there’s talent, don’t be rude about it, just say you don’t like it, suck it off and talk about something you like, ya know?!

The beauty in reading is that everyone can have their opinions and each book affects each person differently! And it’s amazing when we discover a jewel between so many books! If you told me I’d like my dark books a while ago I’d go like, “No way!”, but here I am now…We can change our opinions too people! That’s why being mature and polite about them are important treats, because if you change your opinion about it you won’t come out as a hypocrite just as an actual human being. We are entitled to change and grow and error…specially to make mistakes. No one’s perfect and no one will please everyone. I hate to see everybody accusing others and being hateful or fighting, if you don’t like it, just don’t like it. Give your opinion, hate it, just don’t make a big deal out of it and blow it out of proportion!!!

When you agree to become a book blogger or just post your opinions, you’re having your thoughts being known to others, you word has power, so just use it with responsibility!

I don’t want to be a bitch, I’m just trying to vent my disappointment when I see such things…Spread the love for the things you love and know and just leave your hate at home!

That’s all! LOL Sorry for the really long post, I just want to say another thing: I LOVE being a blogger and being able to talk about my opinions, being able to get to know new (or not) authors and I feel so proud of them when I see they’re making the success they deserve!!! I don’t fish for compliments, with me what you see is what you get, so I hope you all see how much I love my books! I expect people to deliver what I bring them, so I try to bring them flowers and not crap! After all, karma is a bitch, right? 😉

I love all of you authors and readers, just keep it real people!!! For me there’s nothing like seeing someone liking my comments, commenting on my blog, and I still get chills when an author actually talks to me (or writes 😉 through the Internet)…

Now I’m really going, just hope you all can reflect a little about how great the Indie Wold made for us…I’d never believe if someone told me one day I’d be interviewing, talking and writing about my favorite authors!!! 🙂 Be grateful for their hard work and remember they do it for us!!!

Authors, this is for you too, please respect our rights to not like your work too! Unfortunately we can’t please everyone, just be cool about it! Don’t go fighting readers, after all your work depend on their opinions of you…if they don’t like your book now, they might like your other work, but if you’re disrespectful they might not ever read your work again!

What I mean  is…either you’re a blogger, a reader or an author, just R.E.S.P.E.C.T. other people’s opinion and don’t try to fight them about it. Talk like mature people and accept you might not change their minds….

I’m not trying to say what you can or can’t do, or to impose my opinions on you, I’m just asking you to reflect about the impact your words have on others and on the authors who put themselves out there for us!!!

Respect if one of my favorite words, you have to deserve it, but it can also be given freely…Let’s try it, shall we?




Feel free to give your opinion, comment, agree or disagree. I will not fight anyone over it! LOL Also please feel free to give me your opinion on the blog, constructive critics are always welcome. I may agree or not, but at least it will make me see other points, or else I’d keep my thoughts and opinions to myself and wouldn’t have created the blog 😉


9 thoughts on “Just a little note to reflect about…

  1. Very well said!! I don’t understand how a person can bash an author who’s books aren’t even published yet. Or go after the authors family. If you don’t like something you’ve read that’s fine! My mom always said” if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” But be respectful to these authors who’ve worked months and sometimes years to get a story out!!

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