Blog Tour: Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins


Since I posted my review of Fighting Destiny prior to the startbof the Blog Tour, I’m re-posting it now! There is also also a GREAT interview I did with both Ryder and Syn, a giveaway, some excerpts and the book’s playlist! Stay tuned 🙂

Fighting Destiny

Rating: 5 sexy stars

Goodreads Synopsis: Have you ever heard of the old Celtic legends of the Fae – beautiful, magical, and deadly creatures that have a love of messing with humans just for kicks and giggles?

Welcome to my world. What started out as a strange assignment, lead to one of the most gruesome murder mysteries of our times. My friends and I are set and determined to find out who is killing off Fae and Witches alike.

Couple of problems in the way – I hate the Fae and the Prince of the Dark Fae is bound and determined that I work for him. He’s a rude, overbearing egotistical ass with a compulsive need to possess, dominate and control me. Oh – did I mention that he is absolutely sex-on-a-stick gorgeous and he makes me feel things that I never ever wanted to feel for a Fae…every time he touches me or looks at me with those dangerous golden eyes he seems to pull me further in under his spell, despite my better judgment.

My friends and I can’t trust anyone and nothing is as it seems on the surface – not even me.

My Review:

First of all, thank you Amelia Hutchins for the copy of Fighting Destiny for  honest review 🙂

When I first received the information about the Blog Tour for it (and also when I first learned about it) I almost let it pass…thank God I didn’t though!  I would have missed one of the best books I’ve read. Definitely one of my top 5 favorite paranormal!

You want to know what got me to want to read it? These words right here (copied from the book’s synopsis): “He’s a rude, overbearing egotistical ass with a compulsive need to possess, dominate and control me. Oh – did I mention that he is absolutely sex-on-a-stick gorgeous and he makes me feel things that I never ever wanted to feel…”.

I normally don’t like Fae books. I used to be an avid paranormal romance reader, but somehow I just stopped reading paranormal. No reason, but for the difficulty in finding really good ones. I just turned to my romances (specially my beloved dark ones).  And again, I’m so glad I read this one book, because it has everything that makes a good story and AMAZING book.                      The good-story-to-tell part is very important for a successful book, but knowing just how to tell this story is the key to make it BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND!

And Amelia Hutchins has so much talent to tell a story!

This was a hot read from the beginning, but it’s not only the sexiness in Ryder’s character or how funny Syn was (I just love her name!!). Ryder is the badass of all badasses and I loved how possessive he would get and his cockiness and jerkish ways. I love me some jerk LOL

You won’t be able to stop reading this book once you start it. It will be freaking impossible! You’ll be sucked into your book or reading device and when you’ll notice, the story ended and you will be in desperately need of book 2!

Even for the ones who doesn’t like paranormal stories, this one will suck you in! It’s not only about the Fae or the Witches, it’s about fighting for what you believe and stand by your ideals between so much more other feelings.

The lust between Syn and Ryder is evident since the very beginning, but it’s not it that makes the story keep going. Oh no, it’s the greatness of this story itself!

I don’t have enough words and I’m having difficulty in explaining how good this book was!

And there’s more yet to come..Big secrets that Syn just started to discover, she just cracked a tiny bit of their surfaces, and I know these secrets will blow our minds even more!

The Fae might be beautifully dangerous and the witches might be powerful but none of them stand ground between Syd and Ryder’s unite power and force! I love those too! Syn is made of real feelings and besides being a paranormal character she is very real and relatable! I just love her obsession with OPI and during some (difficult to read) parts of this book my heart broke for her and I cried for and with her! But I have every confidence in her and in her ability to heal and become more, become more powerful and even better than she already is!

Ryder baby, who do you think you’ll fooling…you’re crazy about Synthia! Just freaking give in you two!!

Amelia Hutchins congratulation for writing such a GREAT story! As I already said to you, thank you allowing Syn and Ryder to tell us their story through you! You rock!!!

You won’t regret clicking her book! Here is the link to buy it on Amazon!

Amelia, I can’t wait for the second book! You got me hooked, girl!!!

Here are some excerpts for you guys to see what I’m talking about! 😉


I don’t know what I had expected from Ryder, but this hadn’t been it.  Not this gentleness from him.  He kissed his way back up my legs, sending small bumps and gentle waves of heat to my core until he reached my ass.  I felt his teeth a second before they sank in, softly nipping at the skin.  I yelped and spun around.

He was naked, his Celtic brands pulsing beneath his skin.  His eyes glowed with liquid gold as they looked up at me from the floor as I stepped out of the panties.  I exhaled shakily as he bared my flesh for his inspection, slowly coming back up, watching me with dangerous fire lighting in his eyes.  “Are you wet for me, Syn?”

I moaned as his fingers pressed against the growing ache he was creating inside of me, his fingers rubbing against my naked sex as his mouth lowered until it found mine and kissed me softly. I captured his moan with my lips.  His tongue pushed through my lips, demanding more.  He pulled away, leaving me breathless as his wickedly handsome smile flowed up to shine in his bronze gaze.

“Get in the bath Syn, before I bend you over and fuck you right here, right now.”  


She’s all woman, tempting me when she shouldn’t be. She’s less than I am and yet I can think of no one else, nothing else besides how she is going to feel and look when I fuck her raw. She fights me, fights her needs, and yet I can smell it on her. Every. Fucking. Time.

She’s smells erotic, her wetness drenching her pink folds, I need to watch heat ignite in her vivid blue eyes as she accepts me inside her body. I want to watch as the heat from lust fills inside her endless depths as her pussy grows moist with her need while I’m driving my cock deep inside of her.

“Say it, agree to it Synthia,” I growl, my cock is hard, hard as fucking steel with the need to be fucked by those juicy red lips, to dominate her completely.

She doesn’t answer me, it pisses me off. “Syn…” I warn her, letting the need I feel in my cock enter my voice.

“Don’t make me forget it, please,” her voice is filled with her resolve. Her answer shocks me. I would have thought she’d ask for the memory of tonight to be erased. I hate that I can’t fucking predict what she does, what she says. In my world, it’s deadly.

“I’m going to fuck you, hard.” She needs to know I won’t be myself. I’ll be driven by the need to fuck her until she submits to me in every way possible.


Today I have the honor to host Synthia (Syn) and Ryder (*swoons*) here on Sex and the Books for a quick interview! So please welcome them!

Ryder, what did you think and feel when you saw Syn invading your rooms?

Ryder: I was amused, especially when she found the camera’s in my bedroom. ~Smiles wickedly~ You should have seen the look on her face when she realized what they were used for.

Syn: Pervert.

Syn, would you give up your OPI collection for another night with Ryder in the Fae realm?

Syn: Hard choice, right now? OPI stays, a girl has to have some comfort, and he’s a Fairy.

Ryder: Growls hungrily.

Since we’re in the OPI subjetct…Syn, how many OPI nail polishes do you currently have? (*already envies the collection*)

Syn: 98 bottles, and counting. I love my collection, it soothes me and of course, OPI chips less so is ideal for my line of work.

I totally agree! I love OPI! Too bad it is really expansive here in Brazil 😦

Ryder, what is your ideal woman like? (*wonders if I would fit in with the description*)

Ryder: Tough question…~Look’s at Syn~ Is mute and docile an option?

Syn: ~Snorts~

(*yep, no hope for me. LOL*)

Syn, after everything that you went through with the Fae, what you really think of them now?

Syn: I sleep with one eye open. I’m finding it hard to trust them when they keep reverting to secrets, and disturbing behavior.

Both of you, are you afraid of what is yet to come? Especially since you can’t control the things you’ll discover about Syn?

Syn: Who wouldn’t be afraid of what is coming?

Ryder: I think I’m going to enjoy her Transition…a lot.

Ryder, what is it like to be a female magnet?

Ryder: I enjoy it, a man has to eat after all, right? And I love to eat.


Syn, does Ryder being such a chick magnet bothers you? Are you the jealous?

Syn: It doesn’t bother me at all, they can have him. Ryder’s a caveman after all. I’m not really the jealous type anyway, if someone messes with what’s mine though…they better run fast.

Ryder: Snorts and shakes head.

Ryder, what is it like to be the badass of all badasses? Would you trade being the almighty Fae? What would you trade it for?

Ryder: I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and as I said. It’s good to be me. I get what I want, and I get it when I want it.

This is also a question for the both of you…we all can see that there’s a tension in the room every time you two come together. Do you think you’re ready to admit there’s no escaping the lust and be together?

Ryder: No. She’s mine already; she just doesn’t want to look weak by giving in.

Syn: As if Fairy, in your dreams. It’s not tension, it’s the loathing I have for you that you feel.

Hm…I better change the subject…Now I’d like to make a few quick Q&A with you guys…

Favorite color:

Ryder: Black.

Syn: Blue.

Favorite movie:

Ryder: None, humans and Ristan watch TV, I make my own movies.

(*blogger must not check any..ahem..sites in search of any Ryder’s movies*)

Syn: The Avengers. I imagine I’m Hulk, and smashing Ryder a lot.

Favorite food (real food please, Ryder ;P):

Ryder: Steaks, rare.

Syn: Coffee and chocolate.

Coke or Pepsi?

Ryder: Pepsi.

Syn: Coke.

Sexy or Romantic?

Ryder: Sexy.

Syn: Romantic.

Dark or Light?(though one, but I’m a fan of dark things myself…)

Ryder: Dark.

Syn: Dark.

(*thinks to herself “REALLY, Syn???”*)

Cats or dogs?

Ryder: Snorts…Pussy…cats.

(*blushes again*)

Syn: Dogs.

And finally…Boxer or Briefs?(*hopes Ryder would show her* *also hopes Syn won’t kick her ass*)

Ryder: I don’t wear anything under my jeans.

(*blogger momentarily faints from visualizing it*)

Syn: Boxers.

Thank you both so much for taking the time for this interview! I gotta say I love you individually, but together you are so funny (and talk about sexual tension…)! I loved to have you here on Sex and the Books and I can’t wait to hear more from you guys!

Thanks for having us!


Here is the PLAYLIST for Fighting Destiny:

Fighting Destiny Playlist

Scenes from Fighting Destiny©2013 Amelia Hutchins

 Sex on Fire, Kings of Leon

“Not until I tell you to come Syn, in this place, I am your master, and you come when I fucking allow it. Your pussy gets rewarded when you please me, do you understand, or do I need to teach you how to serve me?”

Closer, Nine, Inch Nails

“Ryder,” I sighed without meaning to.

“Stop thinking, Syn.  You keep over-thinking everything.”

My lip trembled with the need to either kiss him, or run.  I settled on biting it softly while his hands held me in place.  The one on the small of my back came around softly pressing against the silk of the skirt as he rubbed his hand across my ass through the wispy material.  He lifted my leg and placed it on the bed carefully.

I watched his nostrils flare as the glow became more apparent, and he allowed me to see the full fire that I’d created in him.  “No panties?” He questioned through a guttural tone.

 Broken, Seether

“You keep saying you can’t, and it’s a lie. You won’t. You hide in the fucking past. You’re not living Syn, you’re just going through the motions of it. You want me, I can smell it—you need it as much as I do right now. The difference is, I can admit to what I want—you can’t.”

Godsmack, I Stand Alone

“I.  Am.  Not.  You’re.  Any-Fucking-Thing!”

“You will be,” he said, with an air of confidence that only pissed me off more.

Puddle Of Mudd, Control

“I’m not sleeping with you.  I don’t care if you’re starving and writhing on the fucking floor.  I’ll walk over you and out that damn the door.  I’ll drag someone else back to you—but it won’t be me you feed off of, ever.”

His lips twitched, but his eyes stayed emotionless.  “Writhing on the floor?”

“Writhing,” I confirmed.

“I do not writhe on the floor, ever.”

“Good, then we are on the same page.” I said smoothly.

Carly Simon, You’re So Vain

Great, that’s all I needed right now.  Smell the Dark Prince who is carrying you up the damn stairs like Cinder-freaking-rella!

Limp Bizkit, Behind Blue Eyes

“I’ll be strong for you Syn, if you need it.  You don’t always have to be the strong one, I’ll be your glue if you want to crumble, I’ll hold you together,”

It just is, simple as that.  That kind of love doesn’t die.  It withers the soul without the other to keep it alive. Eventually, it turns you bitter and cynical.”

 Stained, Believe

“No surprises in there, if you get in trouble this ends.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes master,” I grumbled, and then winced at the heat that flashed to life in his eyes.

“Mmm I like that word on your lips.”

Nine Inch Nails, Head Like Hole

Ryder turned around and looked down at me sharply in warning.  “Showtime Synthia, kiss me.”

My mouth went dry.  All the fluid inside my body went shooting straight to my vagina.  I licked my lips nervously.  “Seriously? That is like the opposite of what I just said outside.”

“Prove you can do this, now.” His eyes searched my face, and with the single look I melted for him. I was pathetic, a pile of fucking mush from once single look!

Stone Sour, Through the Glass

“How old are you?” He continued.

“Twenty one years old.  Going on one hundred.”

He smiled, but it was all teeth, “Funny girl.”

Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars

“I didn’t forget who I was, Syn.  I knew exactly who I was and who I was with when I lost control.”

Three Days Grace, I hate Everything About You

His eyes lit up, and he shook his head as more Fae magic pushed into my mind.  It was painful at first, but gone instantly when his lips caressed mine.  I moaned and pushed against his mouth with need for him that was so hot and fierce, that I was afraid I’d be left in a pile of ash if he didn’t continue and give me more of his mouth.  When he pulled away, I cried from the loss. “Ryder.”

“What’s your name?” He demanded in a husky voice, filled with hunger.

“Syn. Now shut up and kiss me Ryder.”

Sublime, Bad Fish

I tore my eyes away from him with a nervous laugh bubbling inside of me.  He stepped in and slid his magnificent body in slowly into the water.  “Relax Syn, I promise to be gentle—the first time.”

“The first time?” I asked meeting his hard penetrating stare.

 Trapt, Headstrong

His eyes challenged me, but he remained silent as he pulled one of my legs out from where I had been holding them up against my body.  His eyes stayed locked with mine as his fingers rubbed the pads of my foot.  “This isn’t going to be over fast Syn, it’s going to take more than once to get you out of my system.”

AC/DC, You Shook me all Night Long

I wasn’t sure I wanted to be out of his system. I should have been happy to hear it, but it sat like a rock on my chest.  “You really think you can fuck me out of your system?”

Disturbed, Down With the Sickness

“No Syn, nothing with you could be that easy,” he said showing his teeth as he pulled my leg and made me lose my balance in the water.

Kings of Leon, Use Somebody

“Not used to getting compliments, are you?” He said moving us closer together until my body was completely flushed with his.

“No,” I replied honestly.

“I scare you Syn, make you feel things you are afraid of admitting.”

Seether, FMLYHM

“I don’t make excuses for what I am, or what I do. I play hard. I love hard, and I fuck even harder Syn, I am what I am. So if you play games with me, keep in mind I will be more than happy to play them with you and…I always win.”


Extended Playlist:

Metallica Of Wolf and Man

Nine Inch Nail Hurt Head Like a Hole

Saliva Superstar

Trapt Headstrong

AC/DC Thunderstruck

Bullet For My Valentine Your Betrayal

Creed My Own Prison

CCR Bad Moon Rising

Crossfade Cold

Fuel Bad Day/Hemorrhage

Fun Some Nights

House of Pain Jump Around

The Lumineers Hey Ho

Hinder So Far Away

Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box

Papa Roach Last Resort/Scars

Powerman 5000 When Worlds Collide

Saving Abel Addicted

White Zombie More Human than the Human


Flo Rida

Third Eye Blind

Matchbox Twenty

Blake Shelton


The Calling



AMELIAAmelia lives in the great Pacific Northeast with her family. When not writing she can be found on her page Erotica Book Club. She’s an avid reader of everything paranormal romance.

How to find Amelia:



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GIVEAWAY: Yes, you read right! There’s also a giveaway! Here is the link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’d like to thank the awesome Amelia for the ARC and for creating such amazing characters and a wonderful world! I can’t wait to get to know more!

Also, I’d like to thank Love Between the Sheets for the opportunity to be part of this Blog Tour!

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