Character Interview: Eli Adams from Lost Boy and The Lonely

Guys, OMG! I’m still pinching myself! I can’t believe I just had my first ever character interview, and with one of my favorite book boyfriends ever!

As you could see on my reviews of both The Lonely and Lost Boy, I can’t praise Tara Brown’s brilliance enough! I’m dying to read her other work too!

Now, for those of you who haven’t read The Lonely and Lost Boy (that’s the order in reading them), I hope you feel intrigued enough to pick them up (the links to buy both on Amazon are in the end of the post). They really are amazing readings. Dark ones, but as far as dark readings come, they can be mild.
So here is the interview I did with Eli (insert my victory dance here LOL), but first of all, thank you so much Tara Brown for lending us Eli for a bit! And I can’t thank you enough, you sure rock!

Eli, welcome to Sex and the Books, I was dying to get to know you better and the amazing Tara Brown gave us this opportunity!

Eli, after everything you and Sarah went through, would you consider your relationship dark?

No. Her light is so bright it’s impossible for there to be darkness around her. She makes me feel like being more, more of a man, more loving, more accepting.

 Since we’re in the dark note…After all you did to be a mature, new man for Sarah, would you say you still have a dark side (I must say I love your dark side *flirts, hoping Sarah wouldn’t come here and beat me*)?

**narrows gaze** I have to say I am the man I always was. The light and the dark make me who I am. I hate the darkness but it makes me stronger for her. The fact she has a side to her that craves my darkness allows me to safely be myself. **slowly smiles** I did try to get rid of the bad habits but she doesn’t want me to.

 Did you ever, even for once, blame Sarah for what happened to your sister?

Yes. Yes, I was a child. I blamed her when it hurt too much to take all of the blame myself.

 I heard there are some ladies on Team Sebastian out there. Do you have something to say to them?

He was a pawn. I feel sad for him. He was unaware of Jane’s intentions. He thought Jane was being helpful and trying to set him up with a girl who needed love. I imagine there are redeeming qualities about him that women would find attractive.

**Stuart interrupts with a scowl** He’s a douche.

**Eli nods once** There is also that opinion.

 I am from Brazil myself and I loved that you came here to become a better man. I know our country has a lot to get better yet and people like you would be great assets, not only here but in the real poor countries like the ones in Africa. How did you feel when you helped Simone?

Worthy. She made me remember how it felt to save Sarah. She made me remember how small my sister was and how tragic it all was. But she gave me the greatest gift of all. She gave me freedom. The day my sister died the whole world went on as if nothing at all had happened. They didn’t see how big it was to me because their own lives were filled with their own tragedies. Helping someone else made me feel like I stopped and took notice of pain and tragedy. I think the world would be a better place if we saw the pain of others a little more. I felt like I had freed the weight of Em from my back by giving up my worries for someone else.

You are very lucky to be from Brazil. The people are beautiful and amazing.

(I wonder if this could be considered flirting? Well, in my head he was flirting with me. u_u Even though I love Sarah and all, I can’t let pass the opportunity to flirt with Eli!)

Also, do you have plans to come back here? (Preferably alone, and you’ll sure have a place in my house 😉 ).

Yes. We are visiting with Simone and her family in the spring. We will be working with the Doctors without Borders again. Africa is definitely on our list of places we want to go.

For those out there who haven’t read The Lonely yet, do you have something to say to them? And for those who have?

For those who have not, I would read Born instead. The Lonely is really only for people who can see past the pain and suffering. Born is still a very strange book. Tara is fairly strange.
For those who have, I hope you are alright.

When you first met Stuart, did you guys fight or you did you become friends smoothly?

He is the hardest person in the world to dislike. I never understood his desire to be beaten to near death but we all have our own path. We were friends instantly. He mocked me for being a spoiled brat, we fought, he beat me up and we had a sandwich. He likes sandwiches.

Do you consider yourself a control freak?


Do you regret hiring Dr. Bradley to cure/treat Sarah?

No. I wanted her fixed so badly I would have jumped the gun. Jane had a plan, I enjoy plans.

 Now, tell me, how is life treating you and Sarah now? Wo&uld you say you guys have a routine now? Or do you like to play it by ear?

We are both doing well, thank you. We are busy with the new house. I try to have a routine and she enjoys chaos now… That’s new. She used to be more regimented but she is trying to force herself to be more spontaneous. I’m not really a fan.

 Final question…Boxers or briefs? LOL

Neither but if I must, boxers

Thank you so much for this interview it has been super fun and I also would like to compliment you for being such a strong young man! You’ve been great for Sarah and Stuart and so many others. Before you go, let me just say that, flirting aside, yours and Sarah’s story touched me profoundly and that I love them both. Also, you’re one of my favorite book boyfriends! 😉

I don’t know what that means but… Thank you. I thought I was here to do an interview about Brazil. Stuart told me that was why we were coming. **Glances at Stuart**

Stuart- you talked about Brazil.

Eli- Thank you for having us.

*****      END of Interview       *****

As you can see it’s easy to fall for Eli (and now Stuart too)! If you haven’t read his books, here are the links:

The Lonely:

Lost Boy:

Tara Brown’s links are here (show her some love!!):



Even if these books were more expensive (which they aren’t), they would totally be worth it! Seriously, two of my favorites for the year!


5 thoughts on “Character Interview: Eli Adams from Lost Boy and The Lonely

  1. Thank you so much for doing an interview with Eli! I too LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE The Lonely and Lost Boy! I adore Tara Brown and her amazing talent. This was a great interview and I’m very jealous.

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