It’s me. Again. LOL

So, now I’m here for a great giveaway! Tara Brown donated 3 ebook copies of The Lonely and 3 ebook copies of Lost Boy! Yay!

The Giveaway will end on August 7th, one day after Sex and the Book’s 2 months anniversary!

So, just like our previous giveaway, there will be 2 ways of winning.

2 people can win one ebook copy of each book through the Rafflecopter giveaway and one person can win one copy of each book by liking this blog post and commenting why she (or he) should win the 2 books (The Lonely and Lost Boy)!

For more chances to win, enter the “two” giveaways!

FIRST WAY TO WIN: Here is the link to the Rafflecopter GIVEWAY going on the blog’s FB page (it is the last giveaway on the page) .

If you somehow can’t find it, here is the direct link to it: a Rafflecopter giveaway

SECOND WAY TO WIN: Leave a comment on this post telling me why you should win the two ebooks (The Lonely and Lost Boy). Don’t forget to also leave your email and which format you prefer (epub or mobi – Kindle) on your comment!

Good luck!!!





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11 responses to “3 WINNERS GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Natalie Jones

    Pick me pick me!!! I haven’t got to read these so this would be the perfect time! Mother of 3 and works full time, I need some mommy time!

  2. sarah

    They sound like amazing books and I am always looking for new ones to read! Love the blog! Thanks for the giveaway!! Kindle version sarah_69_00@yahoo.com

  3. Tonya Schenck

    Without books to help me relax I cannot sleep. However, my book addiction drives my husband crazy, so winning books takes care of both things at once!!

  4. Tonya Schenck

    Kindle, Sorry

  5. Kim M.

    I love to win great books!! It helps with my one click addiction!

  6. would love to win because i like to read and finding new authors to enjoy..jmarincih33@aol.com for kindle

  7. yohanna baez

    Books are my escape from my daily issues and problems that is the time i can forget everything bad,not that everything is bad in my life.have to beautiful girls that drive me crazy.Thanks for this giveaway

  8. Colleen Hickey

    I think those books would help with my writing. Epub and my email address is ceh35899@alumni.marymount.edu

  9. i love to read and get into new authors by sampling their books…so it would great to win

  10. Kelly Kline

    I would love to win these books because I love to read. I read up to two books a day so it gets expensive so winning these would be a big bonus for me. I use Kindle mobi and my email is blueskys21788@aol.com

  11. Sherri Williamson

    I always love to find new-to-me authors! This would be the perfect way for me to “discover” Tara Brown! My ereader uses ePUB’s (or NOOK). Thanks for the great giveaway. 🙂 SherplusJnA@aol.com

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