Review: Lost Boy by Tara Brown

Warning, Lost Boy is supposed to be read after The Lonely. As I mentioned on my review of The Lonely, it is one of my favorite books EVER! It is dark but so, SO good!

Lost Boy

Rating: 5 F*ing sexy stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

Being the boy who accidentally shot his sister was hard.
Never being able to find the girl who actually pulled the trigger was worse.
Convinced, through years of relentless therapy, that she was a figment of his trauma and imagination, Eli Adams gave up on her existence.
Until one day a name, bearing remarkable resemblance to the people missing in his life, showed up out of nowhere.
Suddenly he was thrust into a journey that forced him to offer up his soul as payment for the truth.
What he discovered along the way, was that the girl who took his sister’s life and his hand, all those years ago, had become the thing he needed to be whole.
Saving her was one thing.
Healing her was another.
Convincing her to love him will be the toughest part of it all.

My Review:

First of all both these books are dark. Tara herself said that The Lonely (and now Lost Boy) is a dark book, but Eli is her favorite book boyfriend so far. Well one of mine too 😉

According to her this was a weird book. But you know what? I’m a weird person myself! And if these two masterpieces are weird, give me a load of weird books anytime!!

Lost Boy is written in Eli’s POV and it has more of the scenes in The Lonely, plus some additional scenes…There’s a little bit of the future time… And what can I say?!!! I already loved Eli in The Lonely, now, after seeing things from his perspective in Lost Boy, I love him even more!

Tara Brown again amazed me beyond reason! When I read The Lonely I came to the conclusion it was one of the most intelligent storylines I’ve read so far ever…Now with Lost Boy I see it was even more intelligent then I originally thought!

Eli’s POV is quite different from Sarah’s…he’s not as broken as her, at least not anymore…Also discovering his relationship wit Stuart was such a great bonus! I already liked Stu, but now I can read The Lonely with a whole new perspective of him.
Eli is a very strong young man and to be able to love and care for someone for so many years as he did for Sarah just proves how good he actually is, despite his toughts that he doesn’t deserve her.There’s no one better for each other than those two!

Seeing things from Eli’s POV just proved how disturbing Jane really  was. I always thought she was up to something in The Lonely, but now we know she actually was. What a sick woman…thank God Eli turned out to be a good man or else I’d have to go inside my Ipad and just beat the shit out of her! Her  ideas and methods might make sense in a very disturbing way, but she put them in action only to get Sarah out of her way into Eli’s life! But Eli is waaaay smarter than you bitch! LOL
Eli and Sarah might think they’re not normal, but considering everything they are fairly normal LOL

It wasn’t fair for Eli to be blamed for his sister’s death. But not once he seemed to put the blame on anyone other than her captors. He sure is a generous man, not only for this, but specially for not believing he was right for Sarah, even though we all know he was and also for his time in Brazil (a big shout out for my country!!). He is very well adjusted and is so great to see his growth in the more than 2 years he was taking care of Sarah without her knowing and also after all…Since this book gives us a little bit of the future, we can see both Eli and Sarah’s growth. But also Michelle and Stuart’s. And indirectly also Eli’s parents maturing as well. Oh,  and I loved to see Eli’s jealous moments from his side too!

I absolutely loved reading Eli’s side of the story and I restate what I already knew and spread out: The Lonely is one of those books that you can’t go on with life without reading it. And now Lost Boy is the perfect companion for it!
They are definitely MUST reads! It is not easy to write the same story from different sides and make both so good, so different and yet the same…No matter how many times I read them, Tara’s talent won’t fail to absolutely amaze me!

Here is the link to buy Lost Boy on Amazon:




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