One Month Anniversary Giveaway!!!

Hi there loves!! Today is Sex and the Book’s one month anniversary!  I want to thank all of you for the support and feedback, this month has been one of the best ever! Reading and writing are my two favorite things to do in the word and being able to write about books is just so gratifying for me! I love to promote and help all the wonderful authors out there, it’s the least I can do after all the work they do for us! So, to celebrate how wonderful this month has been for the blog, my awesome aussie friend (HUGSSSS) gifted me with two ebooks to do a giveaway for you guys: Dangerous to Know and Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick and Fighting for Flight by Jamie Salsbury. I’ve read both of them and absolutely love them (if you want to read it, here is my review of Dangerous to Know and Love)!! There will be two winners for this giveaway (one for each book), so don’t miss out my first ever giveaway (yaaay!!), it ends on Monday! Here are the instructions for the giveaway, there are to ways you can win one of the books:

  • For a chance to win Dangerous to Know and Love: here is the link to the giveaway happening on Sex and the Books Facebook page
  • For a chance to win Fighting for Flight: leave a comment on this post saying why you should win it (also leave your email address).



13 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary Giveaway!!!

  1. Happy one month to you!!! I have just started reading again and forgot how in love with it I am!!! I can set and get lost in a book and I love that feeling, im looking forward to reading authors that I haven’t seen before/read before
    What an awesome giveaway!

  2. Hi awesome giveaway!! I should win because i live for new books to read. Me and my bff/co worker spend our days at work searching for books to read. Would live to read this one!!

  3. happy one month!!! ive been hearing awesome things about it i should totally win so i could keep spreading the word on it… 😀

  4. Appt anniversary! I have heard great things.vs about this book, am sure I would love it and will leave raving reviews on all the sites. Plus pump it out to all my book friends. Please pick me####

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