Review: Truth by Aleatha Romig + Consequences Teaser

Happy Monday, everybody!!

Since I reviewed Consequences by Aleatha Romig, and I’ve been posting some teasers for the upcoming Blog Tour, it’s only fair I review Truth as well…The sequel to Consequences is my other favorite book EVER!

BEWARE, if you haven’t read Consequences, you might find a few spoilers on my Truth’s review…


Rating: 5 HUGE stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

Claire Nichols endured the CONSEQUENCES of Anthony Rawlings’ vendetta.

When she first arrived to his home, her goal was survival. Through strength and compartmentalization Claire captivated her captor. Her resilience in the face of his rule threatened Anthony’s well developed plan. Domination became desire and power turned to love.

Their passion and adoration in a world of opulence appeared perfect. Yet, reality was a roller coaster of emotion. Claire’s world teetered on the edge of sanity as Antony monitored her every move. When given the opportunity to flee, Claire drove away. A fateful decision which set a well laid plan into motion.

However, unbeknownst to either of them, there were others who saw past the perfect facade of Anthony Rawlings. There were others who saw the TRUTH. Conspiracy and unfulfilled promises result in an early prison release for Claire. Not just a release – a pardon. According to the law, her crime never happened!

Will it be that easy? Faced with freedom from her past… can Claire seize it? Can she build a new life, mend her broken spirit, become the woman she once was, and seek her own revenge? Or is it all a game? And does the game master have different plans?

How does Sophia Burke fit into the puzzle that is Tony and Claire? Will her presence affect the future of this well esteemed man? Can he dominate twice? Is that his goal?

TRUTH continues the tumultuous saga of CONSEQUENCES, introduces new players, and uncovers more intrigue. Aleatha Romig skillfully weaves past transgressions through current deception to create a fervent world of obsessed desire. In this reality can an all-consuming relationship survive?

When buried sins are discovered they threaten not only Tony and Claire’s future — but their very lives! Will the TRUTH be revealed in time?

My Review:

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Pardon my French, but this book (along with the first installment) is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

Aleatha one more time shows us how brilliant she is! She made us hate Anthony and love him at the same time and I couldn’t keep this book down!
You want to finish it badly to know the end, but you also don’t want it to end!
I found  myself quite sick to like Anthony in Consequences, specially because of the way he treated Claire (hello, accident???). I always knew it had something to do with how he lived his childhood and  his past, so I was willing to forgive him, even before Claire herself was… I understood why he did what he did to Claire, I didn’t like most of it,  but know I understand it a bit more! The way he was manipulated without knowing it was very, very vicious (it gets a very manipulative and intelligent person to manipulate the slickest of all controlling man who ever roamed the Earth).
Well ladies if you found Christian Grey to be controlling and domineering, keep your minds opened, because he is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, compared to Anthony Rawlings (in every sense with you get what I mean *-*). Somehow (don’t ask me why or how) I found the reasons for Anthony’s behaviur to be more gullible and believable than Christian’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’m Mr. Grey’s number 1 fan, but I just think that compared to Anthony’s story, Christian’s is more like a fairytale, it doesn’t seems so real.
But I’m not trying to compare characters or books, who am I to do this? I’m just pointing that Anthony is a real control BEAST!
After spending the whole night reading Consequences and most of Truth I believed I would need to seek professional help. This story got me in a huge turmoil! I felt like I needed to cry and cry, and I actually don’t know what I’m feeling until now.
I know I feel happy and sad, and no more sick of liking Anthony.
Team Tony all the way!!! *-*
I know I say that after great book I read it is my favorite one, but this two books will be with me forever. Not only for how great they are, but also to remain as lessons on how to construct a brilliant masterpiece!

You need a lot of talent (and a clear mind, a good, healthy mind, actually) to write something that appears sickening and making it become truly beautiful.

Claire was a GREAT character…I was great to see how much she grew up not only in Consequences, but specially here in Truth. She’s way more mature now. She got the chance to experience freedom and it’s great to see her feeling like herself, she owns herself, her femininity, and her life! It’s nothing wrong to want to put your life in the hand of someone you love, but she learned that it is her choice to give her life to whomever she wants…
And Tony grew up as well! He doesn’t want to love her and to have a loving life, but regardless of what he’s been taught, he loves her and for her he can be a better person! I found different kinds of love for him…Since the beginning, even when he didn’t love her yet (he was always fascinated with her, he just didn’t know it yet), when he was a mean jerk, I knew I would love him…It was very good to see him trying to be a different man, he will always be controlling, domineering Anthony, but he is also sweet, protecting Tony…Best character ever! Even the ones who didn’t like him have to admit he is a great character, brilliantly constructed to make us have a strong reaction…either it is love or hate, or even both.
I never liked Harry, not only because he’s too good, but also because I knew he didn’t hold a candle to Anthony! He’s just too good, you know?! I got that he had to be completely different from Tony, he’s the anti-Tony in every way, so Claire could experience some kind of “normal”, but I was so glad she realized that normal is so overrated!

Claire discovers her freedom and a new sense of normal, but as said above, normal can be pretty overrated, after all who can define normal? The only people who can define normal are themselves. Only Claire and Tony can define their normal, or their relationship…And if she is willing to forget Tony, who are the others to question it? As happened to Caleb in Epilogue it is better not to dwell so much in some things, let us know that he actually loves her and can be better for her.

As I was discussing this book with some girls after finishing it, this book makes a complete 360  and everything you thought you knew was wrong!
The man that was supposed to be the villain (I never thought he was), was a mere tool, a mean to an end..Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone the type of violence Tony did to Claire (I was feeling like I was very sick to still like him after beating her in Consequences), and there’s no excuses for it. He could have handled it better, but our villain (no major spoilers, I promise) didn’t help either…The villain was playing everyone in this book.
I’m glad Claire saw Tony for what he was, or better, what he became, and I hope we’ll have more of their story, how it will unfold in Convicted.
I need some closure, and calm after the storm that were this two first books.

I can’t wait to read Convicted. I need vengeance, and I need me some more Tony 😉.

And here is the Consequences 4th teaser! The Blog Tour starts in 2 days!! Sex and the Books will feature an especial interview with Aleatha on June 29th!!!

teaser pic consequences4


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One thought on “Review: Truth by Aleatha Romig + Consequences Teaser

  1. i agree with your review 90%!really its so good to see someone who saw positives in the character of the bad, bad man 😛
    (it was funny how even u noticed Mr. grey’s issue seem a little nothing compared to Mr. Rawlings!) anyway i felt somrthing has changed in tony’s character when he did not kidnap claire the moment he knew where she was! it gave me hope and it only took two instances(argument in san diego and gala) to shake a little but still it kept solid(thank god!) and claire though she became remarkably strong in every aspect also suffered a major setback in sensitivity and conscience department when she handled john and emily’s reaction on her decision in the end( they deserved a little compassionate explaination from her!) and this attitude is more pronounced in case of her relationship with harry(though it was not even a relationship in claire’s mind.she just wanted friends-with-benefits!)she just could not see that harry wants more of relationship than that from the start of the book and still she went ahead!(every time that san diego scenes comes up, i skip the page because it makes my ear burn with agitation.)……i loved courtney and brent!they are consistent and righteous.emily is also consistent in character if not that empathic in nature.poor john.and catherine!i have doubts about how much she is involved in this vendetta!….i hope aleatha notices these infractions in claire’s characters someday and removes them in future someday please!…what say u?

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