Review: Every Cloud by Gemma Robson

every cloud

Rating: 3 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

Jem at 26 thought she had it all, loving devoted husband and three children; she felt blessed and was blissfully happy, until a tragic accident takes the life she knew away. It’s a mother worst nightmare one that many of her friends would have dearly died instead of going through the pain she felt. Nevertheless, Jem had a choice, fight, or die.

Deciding she would rather fight for a new life than die in her old one, she flees to America to start again. She encounters that for a large country here, problems never go away, but with the help of her colourful friends she has met, she surely could find a way through the dark. Therefore, with the help of Betty, an elderly lady but compassionate and loyal, and Justin a lively but fiery gay from Las Vegas she begins to think her life was complete. What she hadn’t bargained for was Ryan, An overly attractive and sexy as hell actor she had always loved and admired. Her life is suddenly swept from underneath her in a fairy tale romance. However, at what cost will that fairytale ending be? Her job, her friends, or maybe even her family?

However, not all is happy in what should be her happily ever after. Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Krista (or as Jem calls her, the pedicure princess) is out to make trouble at every chance she gets. After being dumped in an ungracious manner, Krista feels resentment towards Ryan- who has finally found happiness, and anything Ryan loves must be destroyed at all cost. However, will she win or will Krista’s mind games cost her everything?

A family accident puts into perspective that life is too short and she finally begins to understand herself and her feelings, and goes after Ryan to devote her life to him.

However, what will Ryan do when he discovers Jem’s deep dark past, and will Jem find her happily ever after? On the other hand, will the biggest skeleton in Jem’s past come back to haunt her causing her to lose everything she has wanted and worked to achieve.

My Review:

Well, first of all,the first part of the book got me wrecked. It was devastating to read, so I can only imagine what Gemma Robson felt writing it…
Second, I thought some things were a little bit rushed and happened too fast. She met Ryan and a in one date they are already dating and professing to be each others forever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for love stories, and I was rooting for them, but I felt they should have had a bit more of a courtship.
Ryan…well, I didn’t feel very connected to him and I actually don’t know what to think of him…He showed us twice his rude side, so I don’t know if it’s a pattern or he was just stressed out as he pointed out. Either way, I didn’t like this side of him.
Krista…I hate you bitch! Why does someone has the urge and desire not only to wish but actually causing harm to another person? Someone who didn’t nothing, but be a good person and someone more attractive and loving them her! Arrrgh, I wanted to enter my iPad and bitch-slap her!
Considering all, this was a good story, it showed us that Jem was healing from the devastating pain she went through. I just wish her healing and maturing were more explored here, so I wouldn’t feel I lost a part of the story.
Maybe that way, things weren’t so rushed. I can’t wait to start the sequel, Silver Lining, I believe we will see more of the characters but I also think we’ll see another side of them.
Ryan needs to grow up and show us more of himself and Jem, I feel sorry for her, but she might need to start thinking things through and talking more with others, specially Ryan. Krista…I need to see her suffer LOL.
I loved Justin, everybody should have a gay friend like him!!! He is the character I think it’s one of the most important here. He is the voice of reason for Jem, he thinks like me, that maybe she rushed things a little bit, but he’s also there for her. Just as I’m here to read and know more of the story she still have to tell us!! I see things only getting better from here!

You really can’t help wanting to know more of Ryan and Jem’s story! And the best part is that the sequel, Silver Lining, is already out there for us to continue their story!!!!

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