Cover Reveal + Teaser: The Road to Forgiveness

Hi loves!!!

So yesterday I posted my review of The Road to Price and now here are the cover reveal and teaser for its sequel: The Road to Forgiveness!!

Tadah!!!! Kudos for Justine for releasing her second book!!! It sbe out on July 29th, so mark your calendars!!!


One thing though, where does the authors and/or graphic designers find these HOT men to use in their covers??? Look at those arms! 😉 Please forgive my Friday-night-and-I’m-alone rambling LOL .

Here is the TEASER for The Road to Forgiveness:


Sebastian pushed me back against Jonathon’s car with desperation in his eyes. His left hand grabbed my hip and he thrust himself forward so every part of our bodies touched. I inhaled slowly trying to take him all in.


He wasn’t leaving town.


He wasn’t leaving without a fight.


On the outside I showed no emotion, but inside I felt relief spreading throughout my body. I didn’t want to admit it but I needed him. His touch made me feel alive again. I had missed that these past weeks. I wasn’t sure if these feeling were going to break me but I was going to grab hold of it. Even if just for a moment. Even if I knew it couldn’t last.


His other hand wrapped around the back of my neck as he pulled my forehead to his. I could smell the remnants of his mint gum and feel his breath on my skin. His mouthed moved closer to mine.


“Kiss me,” he whispered onto my lips.


I wanted to but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to give him the wrong impression again. I didn’t want him to think he had a chance.


I don’t know about you, but I want to know what happen to Sebastian and Mia!!! July 29th, people!!!

Here is Justine’s Facebook page. Please go there and show her some love !


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