How do you give stars to a book?

For someone who likes to read as much as I do, it’s quite difficult to choose only one or a few favorite books. In my Goodreads account I created a all-time-favorites shelf and everytime I finish a book that blows me away I add it to this shelf among the “read” shelf.

I believe that giving a 5 stars review or adding a book to any favorite shelf is very, very personal. Specially because books have a way to touch each of us differently…For example I gave Consequences (and Truth) by Aleatha Roaming 5 stars but I also gave the same amount of stars to Tangled by Emma Chase. I’m not trying to compare them or saying one (book or author) is better than the other, but they are completely different types of books, but each of them amazing in its own way.

So the criteria I use to give stars to a book is having no criteria! 🙂

Not all my favorite books received 5 stars from me, and lately I’ve been quite economic with my stars, I’m paying attention to more details, and I really try not to have my opinion of the author influence my opinion of the book (sometimes we can get a little bit prejudiced with an author because we didn’t like their previous work, for example).

What about you, do you use any sort of criteria to give stars to a book? What consists a 5 stars book for you?


Oh, if you want to see the list with my favorite books, it is in the top of the page, besides “ABOUT”.  Just click “FAVORITE BOOKS” to see them (please be patient with me, I’ll update the list today)!



2 thoughts on “How do you give stars to a book?

  1. I say be true to your heart. Also, definitely don’t judge one book by a previous one…I would want a honest review and I would hope the authors would too. You can give constructive criticism. Your review is what is going to make us readers buy…. Definitely tell if anything was to vanilla or hardcore. We know some that don’t like the harder core stuff… I think you will do great!!!!!

  2. I give stars by how the book “touched” me. Also how well it is written. Usually I give the stars, but then try to explain why I gave it what I did. Very few have I given poor star ratings, or if it is a book I just didn’t care for.. I don’t rate it at all.. because usually it will be a book that I knew I shouldn’t have read due to the genre or whatever. I also like to include “vanilla” if it is softer than I expected.. or “cliffhanger” in the review because I know those are things I look for when I read reviews. The stars are hard… so I really pay more attention to the reviews also.

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